Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders can and may take up to 14-21 business days to arrive. Some pre-ordered-new releases can take even longer. (WHY? We are an extremely small company operating with few employees. All fabrics ship from third party manufactures and are HAND sewed by the company owner) 

What size are the head wraps and bandannas?

Sizes vary depending on the product you order. This information will always be listed under the product you order. ALL head wraps are different sizes, no wrap is the EXACT same size because each fabric is hand cut and sewed. We also offer 2  different sizes. Our Standard Size and our XLsize. 

Why are the head wraps different sizes?

Through our experiences wrapping our beautiful models for brand photo shoots our team reconignzed that small wraps tend to work best on finer hair and people who need less coverage. The models who needed more coverage or like to place scarves under the wraps needed larger sizes. We wanted to be one of the ONLY head wrap companies that offered a range of sizes for our clients. 

How should I wash my wraps?

We encourage you to keep washing to a minimum. Hand Wash with warm water then hang to dry.

How can I become a Brand Ambassador? 

Please email us at and we can send some information over.

Is the Brand Ambassador Program Free? Do I get free products if I become an ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassador Program is completely FREE. Free to sign up and free to be a part of. Free products aren't guaranteed in our program however we do have random giveaways for our ambassadors and you are guaranteed FREE entry to all Sahara Head Wraps Events if you are part of our program. 

How much do I make as a brand ambassador?

As a brand ambassador you make 15% of the sale when someone other than yourself uses your promo code. To calculate how much you will make each order you would take the order total, subtract shipping, (we do not profit off shipping cost) subtract the 15% the customer gets off for using your promo code. You receive 15% of that total. At any point you can ask for screen shots of your sales and for screenshots of the customers order to calculate your sales yourself. 

More questions about Refunds? Shipping? Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page: